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Current version: v0.4.1


  • Added wav export options
  • Added linkable sound URLs
  • Added invertable waveforms on LFOs
  • Added reset time controls
  • Added randomizable noise seed
  • Added wah-wah effect
  • Added re-orderable effects
  • Added equalizer
  • Improved waveform display

Known issues:

  • Sampler in a very early state
  • Vocoder not added yet
  • Sequencer not added yet

Future plans:

  • Expand the simple sequencer into a fuller music tool
  • Create a downloadable desktop version of ChipTone
  • Create a mobile version of ChipTone
  • Create a Unity plugin version of ChipTone
  • Create a VST version of ChipTone


Hello! ChipTone is a free tool for generating sound effects, primarily for games but they could be used for anything you like!

I'm currently working to flesh out the sampler, the vocoder and the sequencer. You can still use it at this early stage, and your feedback/bug reports would be very welcomed!

I hope you find this tool useful, and if you make anything cool using it, I'd love to see!


All sounds created using ChipTone are FREE to use for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, under the CC0 licence. However, if you'd like to help with future development, you can donate to the right!


ChipTone is being built by me, Tom Vian. You can reach me at or @SFBTom.

The colours, icons and ChipTone logo were designed by Adam Vian. He can be found at @SFBDim.

ChipTone was partly inspired by Increpare's bfxr, which was built on top of my as3sfxr, which was ported from Tomas Pettersson's sfxr. Phew!

ChipTone was built using Haxe and the OpenFL project.